How to choose the right single stone for your beloved

How to choose the right single stone for your beloved

The moment when you will propose marriage and seal your love, with the woman of your life, is approaching and you have started to worry about what might be the ideal single stone for your beloved.

The single stone ring, a symbol of devotion, love and commitment, is the beginning of a very beautiful journey. It’s a ring you imagine your wife wearing all the time. A family heirloom that goes from generation to generation. She will wear it and it reminds her of you and your love. It is therefore a piece of jewelry that must go with her style, but at the same time withstand time.

We, our task is to help you choose the ideal “love” ring, at the best quality ratio -price.

Through the following steps, we will help you choose more easily the single stone you will offer.

  1. Set the amount of money you want to allocate.< /li>

Before starting the search it is good to have a price range in mind. It is something very important, since there are single stone rings from 200 euros to many tens of thousands of euros. Don’t forget that you can find impressive monoliths for any amount you want to spend. You can choose from synthetic stones (zircon), semi-precious and precious stones and above all diamonds. If you naturally end up with a gold ring with a diamond or precious stone, you are making an investment, since their value never loses.

  1. Think about whether you want to give a classic single stone or a more “alternative”.

By the term classic solitaire we mean a ring with a white diamond or stone, which one immediately understands that it is a solitaire. Nowadays, there is a share of the market, which chooses as a proposal ring, a colored jewel. There is a wide variety of rings with precious (sapphire, emerald, ruby) or semi-precious (amethyst, pink quartz, topaz, etc.) and even black diamond, for those of you who want to give something unusual or know that your partner loves or has declared the her desire for a certain color. At this point, we want you to think that the right time to give a diamond ring is when you propose or make your relationship official. Rings with colored stones, although several times more impressive, can be acquired on any other occasion, such as an anniversary or the birth of a child.

eikona 2
Impressive 18k white gold single stone ring with black diamond
eikona 3
Wedding proposal with a rose gold ring with an emerald
3. Think about whether your beloved wants something spectacular or more modest. At the same time, you must take into account that the ring you choose should be able to be worn by any age. It is a mistake to think that your beloved is young in age, so something small will suit her. Instead, imagine what she’d be happy to wear ten years from now. So having these as a guide, but also the lady’s style, you can easily decide on the style of the ring you will choose. If your partner is sporty and likes sportswear a lot, go for a minimal single stone, possibly without bold side stones and elaborate design. In any other case, we prefer the side stones, as they give a harmonious and shiny effect, in combination with the central one. In addition, they also act as “guards” as they do not allow the point of the ring they are pinned to line up and dull. There are many designs and types of monostone, such as:
  • The monopetro with one central stone (Photograph). Single stones such as flame pattern, hexagon, V pattern, four prong, with or without side stones belong to this category. In this type of single stone we usually choose round cut stones, such as brilliant cut diamond. It is the most widespread type of monostone, but you can find different designs with us, which are out of the ordinary. *Ask us about the “Periopto” ring, in one of our stores!
eikona 4
Modern minimal single stone with diamond-brilliant center stone
eikona 5
Sparkling diamond single stone with side diamonds
  • The single stone rosette (Halo). (Photo) A rosette is any ring that has a central stone that surrounds it with one or two rows of smaller ones (single or double halo). This technique, gives shine, makes the ring very impressive and the center stone looks bigger. It is usually combined with stones of a different cut than round, such as oval cut, emerald cut, pear cut, princess cut or even cushion cut. This particular type of ring, although it has been around for hundreds of years, is very popular and “in fashion” these days both in Greece and abroad.
eikona 6
Single stone rosette ring with cushion cut diamond and brilliant
eikona 7
Proposal rings, multi-stone with diamonds-brilliant in various sizes

The polypetro. (Left photo). A multi-stone ring is a type of single stone, which has the peculiarity of not having one large central stone, but many small ones set in such a way as to give a very impressive effect, similar to that of a fairly large stone. A multi-stone ring is ideal for your partner if she likes to stand out with every appearance.