Celebrate your wedding anniversary with your beloved with a piece of jewelry!

Celebrate your wedding anniversary with your beloved with a piece of jewelry!

Every anniversary is special and you can make it unforgettable by choosing a piece of jewelry as a gift. Jewelry has always been considered the most common gifts for a woman, at important moments in her life (birthday, swearing-in, wedding, etc.), since they remain unchanged over time. So every time she looks at her jewelry box and wears a piece of jewelry, she is reminded of the moment she got it. No matter how many years pass, even if she doesn’t wear it often, every time she looks at it she will remember who gave it to her and on what occasion. Besides, all of us have heard stories/narratives from some woman in the family about some piece of jewelry.

So our goal is to help you choose a piece of jewelry for your anniversary this year, which will delight her

Initially, you can give her an allover ring or a chain ring, if not she already has something like this in her collection. These rings can be worn at any age and perfectly complement the wedding ring or its single stone. In this category there are so many designs from which you can make the best choice depending on the style of your beloved. If she doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry and is more minimal, you can gift her a thin hollar to wear with her wedding ring. If you want to invest in something more classic, choose a brilliant set (five or six stone) ring.

eikona 2
Classic white gold hexameter series ring
eikona 3
Gold ring with diamonds

Continuing in the ring category, you can gift her a colored stone ring. Think about what her favorite color is and find which stone matches. A timeless ring in a rosette design, with a precious or semi-precious stone should not be missing from a woman’s collection! You can of course also choose a stone depending on the symbolism it has. For example, the ruby, with its deep red color, symbolizes passion, while the blue topaz symbolizes love, but also loyalty.

eikona 4
White gold rosette ring with heart-shaped ruby and diamonds

*Extra tip: Ask us to engrave the date or a sweet phrase on the inside of the ring!

What could be more special than a personalized piece of jewelry, specially made for your loved one? ; If you have enough time until your anniversary, trust us to create together, a unique piece of jewelry, just for her! We can make for you, in less than a week, a necklace or bracelet that will have your initials. Yellow, rose or white gold, with or without stones, create a necklace that will never be the same. Women love uniqueness, so it’s worth it.

eikona 5
Gold necklace with initials, specially made

Furthermore, we cannot omit jewelry with a symbolic character. A heart or star-shaped pendant, an infinity bracelet, which symbolizes eternity, are gifts that literally show your love for your wife. This kind of jewelry can be worn at all times of the day, alone or with others for a more modern approach. In fact, you will find a very wide variety of different symbols of love, more classic or more modern, simpler or more elaborate.

eikona 6
Heart jewelry by Chopard from the Happy Diamonds collection

Finally, a very beautiful and different idea is to make a unique box for your loved one’s single stone or your wedding rings. A luxury wooden box adorned with your initial cluster or your coat of arms completes a piece of heirloom jewelry that will be passed down from generation to generation.

eikona 7
A luxury wooden box with your initials will forever accompany your loved one's single stone

The day of the anniversary, no matter how many years pass, is not like other days. On this day you celebrate the union with your beloved and the beginning of your journey together. A bouquet of roses, a piece of jewelry and a tender hug are enough to make this day special for the woman in your life. Don’t forget, of course, to show her your love every day with small gestures!