How to choose wedding rings for your wedding and what to look out for.

How to choose wedding rings for your wedding and what to look out for.

Wedding rings are the unique jewel-symbol of the couple’s bond of eternal love.

Since ancient times, wedding rings have symbolized the eternal love and devotion of two people. Their circular shape, without beginning and end, symbolizes eternity. A wedding ring, as a circle, is endless and eternal, as love should be. It is usually worn on the ring finger, since according to tradition the vein leading to the heart passes through that finger.

Although there are many types of wedding rings in our time, modern or more classic, their tradition and symbolism they remain unchanged even now.

Wedding rings are the only type of jewelry that you will wear together with your other half, for many years. This means that you should choose them carefully, thinking that they should be something that you will not get tired of over the years.


Next, we answer common questions that you ask us. when you visit our stores:

  • Can we each choose a different design?

The wedding ring you wear should match your personal style, so you can wear it comfortably throughout the day. For this reason, it is now accepted nowadays, for many couples to choose different wedding rings each, in terms of colors and treatments of the gold, even design. Also, they most likely have a slight difference, since more and more women choose to have one or more stones (zirgon or diamonds) in their wedding ring.


*Extra tip : Stones can be added or enriched to your wedding ring, whenever you decide, even after years.


  • Which color of gold do you recommend?

Hundreds of designs can be made in white, rose or yellow gold, even two-tone (white gold/yellow gold or white gold/rose gold). Everyone’s preference plays a primary role in the choice, of course. If you love gold or platinum, we won’t change your mind. All gold colors these days, like rose gold, are equally timeless. The most classic color in wedding rings has always been yellow gold. Yellow gold can have a more intense or pale shade (Champagne gold), depending on your style and how much you want your wedding ring to stand out. For a more special note on your wedding rings, especially if you choose a classic design, we recommend rose gold. This particular color, in addition to looking more “fresh”, comes in greater harmony with most skin tones and combines beautifully with jewelry in all colors of gold, such as a white gold single stone. Finally, the two-tone color in a pair of wedding rings makes them more special and original. The two-tone can be subtle, for example a fine line in rose gold while the ring is white gold. It can also be more intense, for example the ring has both yellow gold and white gold on its surface.

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Classic wedding rings in rose gold
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Two-tone wedding rings (rose gold/white gold) "Desmos" with diamonds in women's

First, you should consider the size of your fingers. If, for example, your fingers are long, then a wider wedding ring, around 5mm, will suit you very well. But if your fingers are of normal length, it is better to prefer a medium (4mm) or thinner wedding ring. Next, consider whether you want the wedding ring to be worn with the single stone. In this case, the volume of the wedding ring should not detract from the brilliance of the monostone. The combination of the two rings should be harmonious, without one jewel degrading the other. Finally, consider that a wedding ring is a piece of jewelry that you buy with the intention of wearing it for many years, so something that is too wide or too thin may not be to your liking later on as you see it on your hand.

At this point, it is worth paying attention to the fact that you need to make sure how comfortable the wedding rings you choose are. Especially for men, who for the most part, are not used to wearing a ring, it is very important that the wedding rings are so comfortable that you do not feel them and do not bother you at all. For this reason, taking care of you, we provide the anatomy of your rings free of charge, which is the main reason for the excellent fit and the demands of your everyday life.. This means that we add more gold to the inner part of the ring, creating a slight curve .

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Chopard wedding ring from the Ice Cube collection, single stone with cushion cut diamond and diamond set. The ultimate combination

Glossy, matte, hammered, some of the most common techniques we use to treat the surface of a piece of jewelry. When wearing a piece of jewelry, especially a ring, the outer part of it constantly wears when it comes into contact with another surface. In other words, tiny lines are created, which with the passage of time are more and more obvious. Unfortunately, there is no treatment that does not deteriorate over time, since it has to do with the surface of the ring. Thus, you will choose whether your wedding rings will be matte or shiny, according to your taste alone.


*Extra tip: We can very easily and quickly convert your wedding rings from matte to glossy and vice versa if you want a change, as well as making them look like you just bought them by restoring them to their original appearance!


The selection of veron is an easy and pleasant process, but in the opposite case, it can become tedious and time-consuming. To prevent this from happening, follow our advice above and visit one of the Oro Vildiridis jewelry stores. Our experienced staff, through a rich collection of berets, will help you discover what suits you and make the best choice! We are waiting for you!

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Trust us to help you choose the perfect wedding rings for you!